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Rubikon Marketing Services is a marketing consultancy providing strategic counsel to professional service firms, non-profits and businesses. For over the two decades, Rubikon has developed an expertise at the intersection of government, business and media, building and refining public reputations and company profiles. Rubikon is a specialty communications firm, laser-focused on our clients’ promotional challenges. We do not have a global network of offices worldwide...nor do we describe our shop as a ‘full-service’ agency (although we have a deep roster of writers, programmers and web designers.) Rubikon takes on a select few projects each year to ensure we remain 100% committed to our clients’ interests.


Rubikon executes integrated, strategic marketing programs that bring into balance: the message, the media channel and the audience. These programs invariably are part research, part communications and part digital advocacy to help our clients build and refine their professional industry profiles. We devise solutions for companies to execute calibrated messaging through the most suitable venue to the appropriate stakeholders. Rubikon communication/marketing audits provide companies the baseline assessments to measure their competency against industry best practices.


  • Branding / Strategy
  • Database / CRM
  • Product Launch Campaigns


  • Promotional Literature
  • Corporate Communications
  • Media Relations


  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Online Advertising
  • Web Design / e.Marketing


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